Cabaser 1mg (Dostinex)


Substance: Cabergoline
Pack: 20 Tablets (1 mg/tab)
Recommended Dosage: 1-5 mg daily
Duration: 4-10 weeks

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Product Description

Today, USA is a proud member of the International Bodybuilding Federation. Athletes from all over the world are eager to get to the championship and get a well-deserved trophies. As you know, on the way to glory difficult to achieve significant results on their own and have the support of the reception of anabolic steroids and other means. A number of drugs have progestogenic activity (nandrolone or deck, trenbolone, oksimetalon and others) and can cause increasing levels of prolactin in the body of an athlete, which entails harmful consequences! For this reason, professionals combine reception progestogenic steroids with taking Cabaser (cabergoline, dostineks), which effectively fights with increasing amounts of prolactin in the body. We offer to buy profitable Cabaser (Cabaser) – we always have the best price on the original !

Let us consider pobochki of prolactin – a hormone that has a negative effect on potency, delays in the body plenty of fluids and can lead to gynecomastia. Most athletes in bodybuilding and other sports, to build a great relief muscles, use anabolic steroids with progestagenic activity,  contributing to an increase in prolactin. Deciding to buy Cabergoline (Cabaser), you save yourself from harming your own body.We recommend using it Cabaser (Dostinex) because This  drug has excellent reviews in the sports environment, because it has no dangerous side effects. The price of Cabaser quite profitable today relative to other drugs. Efficiency Cabaser quite high and there is no doubt. This preparation draws attention long list of qualities, a positive effect on the body bodybuilder.

The main advantages to URSA Cabaser (cabergoline reception) :
– the elimination of excessive levels of prolactin
– increasing potency and libido
– excretion of excess water;
– rapid recovery of strength between sexual acts;
– build a “dry” muscles.

Cabaser (Cabaser), the price of the drug is indicated for 1 tablet. Also,  dostineks  able to solve the problem of high blood pressure. The substance acts as a dopamine receptor agonist. Their excitement at laktotrofnoy pituitary region slows the production of prolactin. An additional benefit from taking the drug – it improved erectile function, due to its interaction with receptors α2b. The drug  increases the potency and libido.

Reception and the dosage:
Depending on the application circuit  Cabaser (cabergoline, Cabaser, dostineks)  price for the course may vary. Start taking the drug is recommended in the second week of steroids with progestagenic activity and end in the second week of the course, after-course therapy.  The site agent is in the form of Cabaser tablets at a dose of 1 mg. This amount is enough for 1-2 weeks. It is desirable to divide the tablet into two steps. Thus, Cabergoline price is not as high as it might seem at first glance. Price  Cabaser much more profitable than similar products!